Lamec snc di Brini Alvaro e C. - Hydraulic cylinders and components

Hydraulic cylinder - single and double effect - with or without hydraulic system;
Track adjuster: spring, hydraulic, spring hydraulic, elastomer;
Rotary joints;
Rotary pipes;
Hydraulic components.


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Tracks adjuster

Rotary joints





Company profile

ISO 9001 Certificate


Lamec Company has been operating in the hydraulic sector for over 30 years. The company is highly specialized
in the mechanical production of track adjusters, hydraulic cylinders (simple and double effect), rotary pipes and rotary joints.
Such components are produced according to client specifications, or designed in-house to best meet specific requirements.
The company has adopted a quality certified management system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Hydraulic cylinders - single and double effect

Lamec Unlimited has grown to become a trusted supplier of important companies operating nationally and internationally through
the consistent growth and development of its technical and operative capacities. A distinguishing feature of the business is a high
level of professionalism and competence in the production of hydraulic parts.

Lamec Unlimited is renowned for the excellent quality of its products, its highly trained staff and state of the art machinery.

Hydraulic cylinders - single and double effect

Production processes at Lamec are characterized by its stringent production control policies. Size checks are performed by qualified
and trained staff, constantly updated with new measurement and checking methods.

The Lamec Group unites four companies under its direct control, who work in conjunction with countless suppliers.

Track adjusters

- Our Team of Staff:

>   n. 49 welders and machine operators
>   n. 4 administrative members of staff
>   n. 10 workshop technicians

- Equipment:

>   n. 10 welding machines, all fitted with semi-automatic and automatic positioners
>   n. 26 CNC lathes (6 vertical and 20 horizontal) that handle material up to Ø 800 mm and 3000 mm in length
>   n. 9 machining centers cthat handle material up to 1080x880x880 mm
>   n. 7 automatic cutting devices

Hydraulic cylinders - single and double effect

Total production area amounts to approximately 7000 m2 - 3000 m2 at the Lamec Unlimited site and
4000 m2 across contracted suppliers. Outdoor storage for primary materials and finished products
extends across 6000 m2. Offices, metrological rooms and the quality control department
are housed in a total area of 1000 m2, all with state of the art equipment.

Excellent product quality is guaranteed by state of the art equipment and machinery
used to test material. Procedures include: ultrasound tests on welded components;
manual and automatic size checks performed by staff equipped with 3D benches
with coordinate measurement systems and a visual field of 1600x1000x600 mm;
thickness checks; attainment to stringent roughness parameters;
checks on surface treatment and resistance tests performed on benches
which exert a maximum pressure of 1500 bar.

We strive to provide clients with the most stringent quality guarantees,
flexibility and satisfaction every step of the way.

Alvaro Brini

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